Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Omagh

Tired of not being the person you ought to be – A NON Smoker?
Fast Track Hypnosis can help stop in ONE 30 Minute Session!

Nowadays, one of the biggest killers in our society, is smoking.hynosis-belfast-alan-gilchrist

Smoking has been a past time for thousands of years. It seems that we humans can’t pass a generation without needing to set something alight and place it between our lips to inhale the fumes.
But, you’ve made the decision to stop smoking and at a Hypnotherapy Clinic in Omagh. And that’s great.
I always tell smokers to stop while they can. While your health is strong. Basically, before it’s too late. It’s only a matter of time.

But you have now made a conscious decision to stop and you need something to support you as you quit.
Maybe you’ve looked into the expensive inhalators or pills or nasal sprays. You’ve thought about the gum and the patches… and now you’ve thought, what about hypnosis and that is why you are on this site!

Tens of thousands of people have come to me for help in quitting this trying addiction and have succeeded. I have even proved it TWICE on TV .

Fast Track Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful system as it uses the mighty force of the mind. These implanted suggestions override deeply-rooted beliefs and because of this, you leave your session without an addiction.

Sound impossible?Stop Smoking Omagh
Well, it isn’t.
It’s very possible!

With my help and Fast track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy.

Are you tired of using your cigarettes as a crutch?
Are you sick of relying upon them in times of strife?
Perhaps you’re feeling the strain of your addiction? Is your body finally rejecting all of those toxins you inhale on an hourly basis?

If so, if you’re ready to change your life, then Fast Track Hypnosis can and will help.

Let tomorrow, be a brand new, smoke-free

Alan Gilchrist

As Ulster’s Top Hypnotherapist, Alan Gilchrist has been in practice at his Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre for over 25 years and is the longest practicing and most experienced Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist in Omagh with additional clinics throughout Northern Ireland.

During his many years in practice Alan has helped  over 55,000 people in Northern Ireland to overcome their problems, including stopping smoking  in under 30 minutes with the use of his “Fast Track Hypnosis System”.

This includes World Champions in various Sports and other fields, Actors, International Authors, Singers and Musicians, TV and Radio Personalities and members of the medical profession to help them overcome their problems, improve their concentration, self confidence, performance and ability to relax.
Alan also writes for several newspapers and magazines on Hypnosis and related topics.



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“Hi Alan,
I underwent hypnosis therapy 2 1/2 years ago for smoking cessation I had one session and from 40-50- a day I haven’t had one since and had none of the withdrawal symptoms and even though at times I think I would like a cigarette I have no trouble in putting it to the back of my mind and I am not bother by sitting in the company of those smoking…..Sandy”

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